lundi 23 février 2015

Beni Haroun DAM

Beautiful pictures to Beni Haroun Dams Mila state
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The dam of Beni Haroun is a great strategic hydraulic complex in Algeria, located in the province of Mila northeast of Algeria. The dam 120 meters high, is the largest and the largest dam in Algeria with a capacity of 960 million cubic meters. The dam itself is made of a reinforced embankment 1.5 million cubic meters of rolled compact concrete.

With its large pumping station of raw water, whose power is 180 MW, the dam supplies drinking water to several adjacent regions of the wilaya of Mila, including the provinces of Jijel, Constantine, Oum el Bouaghi, Batna and Khenchela. The dam also provides a significant amount of irrigation water for a few hundred hectares of farms in voisines2 regions

In June 2011, the dam has reached a level higher since the beginning of its gradual filling in 2005 by reaching the volume of 851 million cubes3 meters. 12 February 2012, the dam has reached a historical high ever made since its commissioning date: 1 billion cubic meters, exceeding 40 million cubic meters of its theoretical capacity (960 million cubic meters)

These are some beautiful pictures of this dam.....;;;

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